Whether you are buying or selling technology to help your customers and your business stay ahead of the competition, using a payment over time model is becoming an essential way to unlock opportunities. Most companies now recognise that established approaches to doing business and serving customers is changing in a rapidly developing world. A global change in lifestyles is also here to stay meaning that access to enabling technology is crucial if companies are to survive and thrive.

Businesses are also pushing to improve productivity or face having to do more with the same or less. Preserving cash and protecting balance sheets is also a key consideration in staying ahead of the rest. Primary Asset Finance is well placed to help through our proven ability to arrange technology finance. We not only have the knowledge and experience, but also an extensive funder portfolio through which we can access finance solutions for our customers.

As technology has become more and more business essential, the very word “technology” has become all encompassing. In the past, tech usually referred to IT, both in terms of devices or infrastructure. As technology evolves and the pace of change quickens this is now an essential part of business operations. Technology now includes everything from mobile devices, robotics, telecoms, telematics, machinery, CCTV, alarm systems. In fact, anything that requires software to operate.

Our panel of funders allows us to take the same view. Regardless of what you are looking to buy or sell, we have a way of helping you or your customers spread costs over a longer-term period and remove a large day one capital outlay meaning that you can access leading edge technology now.

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