There are advantages of using finance both as a sales aid for your team and your customers:

Ability to close deals swiftly – Customers will be able to invest in your products now rather than having to wait for new budgets or free up cash reserves.

Better margins – Spreading the cost in this way can reduce the discount you might normally give your customers for cash.

Upselling opportunities – With monthly repayments spreading the cost of an investment, you may also be able to upsell to your customers, enabling them to get a solution that is best suited for them, rather than the solution they can immediately afford.

Customer retention – You can help improve customer retention by upselling extra products, enabling your customer to keep up to date with the latest developments and technologies in the knowledge that a finance option can keep the cost affordable.

Let us find the best finance solution for your customers

At Primary Asset Finance, we have a wide range of partners and funders, enabling us to look at multiple options in order to find the best solution for you and your customers.

Our extensive portfolio allows us to work with technology vendors, resellers and distributors, software houses and resellers, manufacturers, re-fitters, telecoms, telematics, yellow goods, machinery and many many more “providers of goods”.

If you sell it, there’s a way we can help!

Contact us to find out how.

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