At Primary Asset Finance we work with a range of introducers to assist their clients with finance. From accountants, to solicitors and other client relationship models we have a strong track record of delivering finance solutions and enhancing the overall “value add” for the client.

  • Does your client anticipate cash flow pressure points over the next financial year, or need more of a cash buffer?
  • Are trading opportunities being missed due to limited availability of funding?
  • Does your client need a cash boost to support recovery following pandemic lockdowns?
  • How are they funding their equipment, machinery, IT and company vehicles?

We understand the importance of your customer relationship and will work closely with you to strengthen this connection by delivering real value added finance solutions. Our knowledge of the debt finance market and depth of funder relationships enable us to assist in a range of situations – from growth to turnaround. For instance:

Change – Is your client planning any major initiatives involving:

  • IT – transitioning to an online sales platform or requiring new IT hardware/software?
  • Premises – moving to a new location, or refurbishing/expanding current premises?
  • Equipment – buying new plant, vehicles or other machinery?
  • Expansion – entering new markets, growing their current business, targeting acquisition of another company or its assets?

Seasonal payments – Financing can help spread the cost of seasonal/regular payments. This may enable a business to utilise its cashflow more efficiently, particularly concerning outgoings such as:

  • Tax
  • Compliance/Licencing
  • Insurance

Our funding options extend significantly beyond high street lenders with the vast majority of solutions we identify being sourced from specialist finance companies or debt funds. We also understand that any relationship is a two-way street and we frequently make client introductions to our key introducing partners when appropriate. By involving us, our introducers are also adding increased bandwidth to their business. We appreciate the demands on your time and can free this up for our introducers, but always making sure that you are fully immersed in the process.

Why not contact us now to learn more about our independent approach.

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