The Algorithm People (TAP) is the creator of the UK’s first fully pay-as-you-go route optimisation platform, My Transport Planner. Route optimisation is used to enhance efficiencies in a wide range of delivery applications, from couriers and logistics companies through to wholesale and retail operations. My Transport Planner can schedule efficient routes within seconds, saving hours of staff time on planning. The software takes a range of variables into account, such as driver shift patterns, customer delivery windows, and vehicle loads. Through smarter planning, it can reduce mileage, fuel consumption and emissions, enabling your company to make more productive use of your fleet. The total transport cost reductions can be as high as 30%, offering users an instant return on investment.

High volume bespoke needs

My Transport Planner is unique in being a pay-as-you-go (PAYG) platform. However, it is also available as a customisable platform, paid for on a contract basis. Selco Builders Warehouse, a leading UK builder’s merchant, is such a client. Selco approached TAP about scaling up its operation across the UK and replacing all paperwork with mobile apps functionality. The package was to include an app enabling drivers to conduct daily vehicle safety checks, as well as electronic proof of delivery. It was clear that this complex and customised solution would need dedicated project management, which required Selco to sign up to the more advanced, contract-based version of My Transport Planner.

TAP came to us to find the best financial solution that would suit both companies. We found a deal that gave Selco the best possible option of spreading costs, at the same time as keeping those costs as low as possible. In the end, we worked out a monthly deal that benefited all parties.

Testimonial – 

“We wanted a straightforward commercial model that was easy to administer and would give Selco the best financial solution. Primary Asset Finance (PAF) not only ticked all the boxes, they have also been fantastic from start to finish. They took care of the whole process from researching the right financial instrument, to managing the process in terms of finding the right company to do the deal, and taking care of the paperwork. In fact, PAF was very flexible and accommodating – even when we wanted changes during the process – and made it very easy for both us and Selco. In the end, we didn’t have much to do over and above signing the paperwork! The whole process was effortless, enabling us to deliver the technology that is already benefiting our client.

We hope that this is the first deal of many with PAF, and are looking forward to forming a long-term working relationship with them.”

Colin Ferguson, CEO, The Algorithm People Limited

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