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    Who We Are

    Primary Asset Finance arranges finance for businesses, enabling you to enhance your cashflow, invest and grow. We can also deliver finance for your customers to help their businesses and you to maximise your sales. Crucially we can move quickly for a range of planned or unforeseen funding requirements. Speed is often a necessity, but so is accessing the right solution to meet the needs of your business. We can do both, so whether you are seeking finance to purchase new assets, improve your working capital, grow your business or help your customers to build theirs, then with Primary Asset Finance the sky really is the limit.


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    Who do we help?

    Primary Asset Finance assists companies across a range of sectors from construction and manufacturing to service providers in recruitment, logistics and marketing. Our specialist technology finance expertise also means that we can support both hardware and software purchasers and providers with access to funding. At Primary Asset Finance we typically work with customers ranging from SMEs to mid-market companies and whether they are just starting up or already well established. The customer finance options we arrange can also be used to promote your own sales and be offered to your customers.

Case Studies

  • Chemical Wholesaler

    Chemical Wholesaler

    Commercial Vehicle Finance

    Amount: £25,000
    What did we do? Our cleaning and chemical wholesaler customer required an additional van for their fleet due to increased demand for their products and forecast growth.
    Who did we help? We were able to help our customer to quickly secure a new vehicle from their local dealership so that they could meet demand of new orders during the pandemic.
    Why did they need us? Due to Covid-19 there was national critical demand for their cleaning products. Whilst this resulted in growth there was also a delay in payments from their customers which affected cashflow. Rather than buy the van outright the business decided to use Primary Asset Finance to discover all the available options to help them to preserve cash within the business.
    The solution we provided: A competitive hire purchase facility that spread the cost of the equipment over 36 months with a nominal option to purchase at the end of the term. We liaised with all third parties on behalf of the client and made the transaction super easy!

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  • Construction


    Funding for heavy plant machinery

    Amount: £45,000
    What did we do? Our property developer customer was hiring equipment from a heavy plant company and the monthly site costs were escalating, we helped them to acquire the asset within site budget.
    Who did we help? The developer introduced Primary Asset Finance to his equipment rental provider and a price was agreed to purchase the rented assets. The business was able to stop paying further rentals and enter into a purchase agreement which ensured that monthly site costs reduced. The customer had the option to own the equipment at the end of the term which meant that the equipment could then also be used on the next development site.
    Why did they need us? The business was relatively new and struggled to obtain funds from their bank as loan and other asset finance providers had failed.
    The solution we provided: A competitive hire purchase facility that spread the cost of the equipment over 48 months with a nominal option to purchase at the end of the term.

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  • Commercial Property Management

    Commercial Property Management

    High Tech Alarm System Funding

    Amount required: £65,000
    What did we do? Primary Asset Finance worked alongside a trusted partner to provide an approved lease facility against fire and security equipment
    Who did we help? This was two-fold. Primary Asset Finance’s work allowed the customer to spread the cost of their investment in technology and be compliant in fire safety and security. The vendor was also paid in full just hours after installation had been signed off.
    Why did they need us? Our partner’s customer was a new start company operating in building and managing commercial properties so it was difficult to raise the funds required via their normal banking facility given that there was no previous trading history.
    The solution we provided: Secured a lease facility for our partner’s customer to allow the installation of hi-tech security and fire alarm system, spread over 36 months. Our quick turnaround times allowed the project to run to deadlines and timescales, whilst keeping day one costs to a minimum.

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  • Education


    LED Lighting Project Funding

    Amount: £80,000
    What did we do? Primary Asset Finance worked alongside a trusted partner to provide an approved finance option to their customer which enabled them to secure a large smart LED lighting contract for installation throughout the entire grounds of a private school.
    Who did we help? We were able to help both our partner, the supplier, and the end customer. Our LED partner has also been able to further develop the customer relationship as well as benefiting by securing a large contract. The private school was able to rapidly access the financial benefits of the LED solution. This represented a huge cost saving in respect of replacements, electricity usage and general maintenance. The LED solution will save the school thousands of pounds in the years to come as well as enabling it to develop its green sustainability credentials.
    Why did they need us? The private school’s bank had rejected the application for funding. The significant capital expenditure which would have otherwise been required without finance would have moved the project beyond the school’s budgetary reach.
    The solution we provided: The entire project was funded on a lease over 5 years. This was not just for the LED infrastructure, it covered the entire installation and consultancy costs which was a significant amount of the total expenditure. This meant that the school board was able to sign off the project and the major cost savings could be accessed.

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  • Renewable Energy

    Renewable Energy

    Business Acquisition Finance

    Amount required: £1,000,000
    What did we do? Structure and source an acquisition finance solution to enable our customer to buy the business of an emerging Ground Source Heating Systems provider.
    Who did we help? Introduce an independent funder with the capability to take a commercial view in understanding the rationale and requirements for the acquisition, plus the structure needed. Our customer was provided with the means to acquire and invest in a business on the brink of immediate growth. The seller was able to release funds from the business to explore other opportunities.
    Why did they need Primary Asset Finance?  The acquisition loan had been declined by our customer’s bank. They had tried other funder approaches before contacting us, but their other lines of enquiry had been unsuccessful. We were able to approach specialist funders based on our market knowledge which we thought would be prepared to lend.
    The solution we provided: A flexible solution at a very competitive rate which ultimately enabled the transaction to happen. The new owner has since reported that the business has gone from strength to strength and has been growing steadily supported by increasing market demand.

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